My Photography

Few more from BTCC that me and my mates went too at the weekend, just a few of 200…

(They are further down)


Some more for the collection 🙂

New images from Sunday morning just passed, covering a more winter scene.

Features all of my photo’s I’ve taken with my camera. Feel free to leave comments.

11 thoughts on “My Photography

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  2. Jono, you have some very beautiful shots here. I would love to use a couple of them for my poems on Source of Inspiration. May I? I will link to you, of course, and you are welcome to reblog them. If I may, will you send the ones I want to me in a larger size than you have here? Thanks. hugs, pat

    • Of course you can use them! 🙂 I’d be honoured, without being cheeky though I would like a tiny mention of credit for them, apart from that theyre all yours, let me know details 🙂

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