Yet another week?

rocket punch!

I’m a big fan of EDM (Electronic Dance Music) and I’ve been noticing the changes in the drum’n’bass scene a lot lately. Toronto has given EDM a lot of exposure over the last few years, especially for the Dubstep/Drumstep scene. Dubstep may have changed significantly since it was first founded, going from softly distorted basslines to loud and aggressive drops. What bugs me the most is how so many “die-hard” dubstep fans discriminate or hate other types of EDM music just because there are no drops. “Where’s the drop?”

I wish people were a little more open-minded when it comes to music. I love all kinds of EDM, from Dieselboy’s party-pumping dnb, to Aphex Twin’s non-dance-able IDM to Benga’s dark and repetitive dubstep. Why do people cheat themselves out of new music experiences? This doesn’t just apply to EDM music but that’s what I’m focusing on in this post because that’s…

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