Its A Colorful World We Live In

Blair Keeley

Short and sweet today, as I have a few meetings to go to… ugh.

Ok here, goes in 60 seconds or less:

As an art director, I’m always fascinated with color. It evokes emotion, it sets mood, and it creates flavor. Color can change decisions and it can cause reactions within its viewers. It can anger you and it can soothe you with mere tonal shifts. It is the most versatile tool of any artist or designer.

CertaPro Painters of Lousiville, Kentucky created a simple, yet beautiful infographic detailing some of the basic principals found in color theory and psychology. It brightened my day just by seeing it (See, I told you color evokes emotions!).

Use Color Wisely

As you think about design in the marketing world, in social media, and in the fine arts, consider color your most powerful asset. This infographic really is trying to inspire you to…

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