Breaking Constancy 101 (Of Freeing your Vision and Being an Artist)

Weekly Photography Challenge

The Great ‘Giving-Up-The-Bird Exercise’!

Breaking constancy is the mark of a true artist, of someone who isn’t afraid to step away  (and sometimes run) from the limited box of vision we all  (as a society) share. We call those who walk the lonely path and speak with a clear, yet utterly unique voice: artists.

Sometimes we adore them, often though (whether we wish to admit it or not) we admonish. How dare they step out of the box, stray from the course? Who are they to challenge reality, to do something different? We push them away, when we should (in all honesty) cherish their vision. Oh we don’t have to like their message, but we should at least view it as important.  It’s them, you see, who make a difference, it’s them and their images who challenge, who scrape, who scream at the rest. If it wasn’t for them, then the rest…

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