Pop Culture Equations | Matt Cowan

The Entourage

Now, maths in general isn’t my strong point but this is maths I can work with…

I can’t help but think how differently I may have performed at school if Scottish designer Matt Cowan had been in charge of my maths lessons. Matt is actually based in Italy, he has created a variety of equations that explain the origins of various pop-culture characters through (and I never thought I’d say this…) the magic of multiplication. Yeah.

I think Superhero maths is my favourite but they’re all easily defined as genius.

You can even buy them all on t-shirts to help kids learn!… If you have a powerful urge to look shiek-geek, check out Matt’s store here

Superhero Maths

X-Men Maths

Batman Villain Maths

Blind Maths

Johnny Depp Maths

Star Wars Villain Maths

Star Wars Hero Maths

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