“… ridged inch deep with pearl”


4 thoughts on ““… ridged inch deep with pearl”

  1. I appreciate your interest in my work, but permission was not granted to repost this, nor was the work used in its entirety or credit given to the poet, so I would request that you delete this post.

    Thank you for your understanding and compliance.

    Carol J. Garvin

      • I hadn’t noticed when WordPress added the reblogging feature. I will be changing things to accommodate that. However, there is a clear copyright statement in my sidebar. If it pleases you to “borrow” other people’s creativity to feature here, I don’t mind the exposure. All the best to you.

      • Well then you should have noticed it. Im not committing copyright infringement either before you play that card because WordPress clearly states I re-blogged it from you, plus I am not trying to pass it as my own either. WordPress IS a re-blogging site, what do you expect?

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