Happy New Year !


To a new beginning ! The Thai new year is 2555 which is read ” song ha-ha-ha “. I have a feeling this will be an exceptionally  happy funny year.

I’ve been sewing like crazy, making gifts. Luckily, I’ll be meeting my friends later this week so I still have enough time !

We took the kids up to the mountains and stayed at a cowboy resort called Panther Creek. It looks like this :

Complete with trains, teepees, cowboys , and Indians. The kids were pretty excited.

Our bedroom view looks really pretty, after I ran the photos thru several filters ( heheee ). So I’ll be remembering our dried out corn field like this :

Picture perfecto ! The weather went back to normal hot , but that didn’t stop me from wearing my scooditen ( scarf+hoody+mitten).

I’ve added bear ears to match the bear paws mittens…

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