The Game–6

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No sin, no guilt, no lies
Will chaos rein if mankind
rejects the idea of sin?
Will we all kill, rob, be
promiscuous, etc. Is this
the true nature of man? So
only by strict laws and
severe self-discipline can
we manage to control our
desires? Yet we often see
people act out of great
unselfishness, brotherly
love, love of family, and
community. What indeed is the
true nature of man?

If we return to the idea that
our Creator, who works with, and
is of, unconditional love energy,
we must conclude that all created
have this core of love energy as well.
Still, there is this idea of us having
a choice to act within duality, or
so it would seem. Of course, one
might argue that we have very
little free will as our keepers
have woven such a web of lies that
one inevitably makes choices without

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The Little Book of Photoshoppe Trickery

By Steve Bland (a.k.a The Great Blandini) and Interbrand Australia, The Little Book of Photoshoppe Trickery is an informative brochure about Bland’s photoshop manipulation skills.
The whole brochure is hand-drawn with a calligraphy pen and ink, yes even the body copy. A rare thing these days and a real labour of love. The brochure is printed on recycled stock and singer sewn stitched down the spine. More on

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Camera, sound, lights…

The Pursuit of Illumination

Rainbow splash - Explore [FrontPage]
Okay it’s not the conventional saying but hopefully that’ll be the sequence soon, once I’ve purchased a bit of new kit to help me in my attempt at some high-speed photography. More about the boys toys at a later date.

In a continuation of this post and after yesterday’s depressive post, I came across this blog by high-speed photographer Pascal Bovet.

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Abu Dhabi beach, a la F1!

MoWrOw's News and Funz BLARG!!! (TM)

Abu Dhabi beach has 2 divisions: Al Sahel and Family.

Al Sahel is Gates 6, 5, 4. Family is Gates 3, 2, 1, of which 3 & 2 are only for families / womenz. They even have a “beach bus” that runs throughout the beach stretch for free every ~ 15 minutes.

All gates have a paid entrance where you can have extra amenities like beach-benches and a counter to keep your stufflez, 1 with water-sports (Gate 1 or 5, sometimes even at 4, depends on events), and less crowd on the toilets, showers, and sea.

Sahil Al Maydan (Gate 4) beach is absolutely packed on weekends before sunset, and it’s full of foreigners, and there is a suprising number of apparently single womenz 8]

Used to be nothing but a boring ol’ corniche where ppl walk, and now is a beautiful lively (with loads of concerts and outdoor movies…

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