Skeleton Filigree


There are certain parts of the body that hurt more than others to get tattooed on… the torso area is a pain, armpit, knee pit, scrotum, lower back… all places that just suck.  Generally your arms and lower legs are the places where the pain isn’t as intense. This is  a forearm. Usual spot for a tattoo and definitely not a super painful place. On this client, you would have thought I was tattooing his navel area. The amount of ouches and owies that came from him made me want to put a diaper on him and feed him a bottle. Nonetheless he pushed through. I do need to mention that this design is his 100%.  And I looooved doing it. so much fun… except for the reactions

This was created using a 8 bugpin supertight liner, 17 bugpin curved magnum and intenze ink

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