Good Karma, an assemblage of Porsche 993’s, Pantera’s bearing gifts and the Woody car club hosts Toys for Tots……


Saturday morning, December 3 started off cold and breezy, as the sun began to rise over Cars&Coffee in Irvine, California. As the cars made their way into the parking lot , still under the cover of lingering darkness,  a low slung, silver sedan caught my eye as it made its way into the lot in search of a parking space. As the car drove up the aisle towards where we were standing, it suddenly dawned on me that due to the lack of engine noise and the cars unique styling and profile, that this was in fact a Fisker Karma.

Silver Fisker Karma_Cars&Coffee / Irvine_12/3/11

(I had seen a white Fisker Karma at this years SEMA show back in November, however this was my first public sighting).

As soon as the driver had parked the car, and exited along with his passengers, the Fisker was mobbed by those already at the event, wanting to get…

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