Formula 1 – Vodafone McLaren Mercedes becomes the world’s first ever carbon-neutral Formula 1 team

Beyond The Red Line

By McLaren Mercedes

We are pleased to announce that Vodafone McLaren Mercedes has today been certified as fully carbon-neutral; in doing so, our team has become the world’s first ever carbon-neutral Formula 1 team.

This has been a long-held ambition for all at Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, but the route to achieving carbon-neutral status has been a challenging one.

Last December, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes became the first ever Formula 1 team to achieve the coveted Carbon Trust Standard. This ongoing certification was earned following a three-year audit of our team and our efforts to measure, manage and improve our carbon efficiency.

By implementing a series of efficiency-driven measures within the McLaren Technology Centre, we were able to achieve annual savings of more than 1500 tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Additionally, we have invested in extensive training and familiarisation courses for the drivers of our fleet of trucks and transporters – this…

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