Frank Sinatra House: Twin Palms — By E. Stewart Williams

Faustian urGe

The Rat Pack Leader’s First House — A Palm Springs Legend

May 1, 1947, Frank Sinatra — who had just signed a million-dollar movie contract with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios — wandered into the offices of newly-founded architectural firm Williams, Williams & Williams.  At the time, now-legendary architect E. Stewart Williams was a novice who had just joined his father’s firm and had yet to design a private residence. Sinatra, holding an ice cream cone and wearing a sailor’s hat, informed the architects that he wanted them to design and build a huge Georgian-style estate (well, let’s forgive Frank; he was from Hoboken) by Christmas, in time for a party the singer was hosting. Though the desired finish date was only seven months out, Williams, Williams & Williams accepted the commission.

Williams came up with two designs for the singer, one in the Georgian-style that Frank had originally envisioned, and another in…

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