tattoo photo shoot 1


I have started my photo shoots with a tattoo artist and have got some really great results. My aim for this shoot was to try out documentary photography and see if i got the results I wanted. I spent three hours following what the tattooist was doing and trying to show the development of a tattoo, also I was trying to show the concentration and the emotion a tattoo artist puts in when doing a tattoo. The technique I have been using when taking these pictures was depth of field, on some of the pictures I have done I have soft focus in the wrong places. I also used the grey card method on this shoot to get the correct exposer in my Images.

In this shoot I used my 18-55mm lens, I chose to set it to 55mm and at F 3.5. I got the results I wanted so I will carry this process over to my next shoot. on my next shoot…

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