The Start of the Journey


The title’s not quite true. I started my journey as a photographer a little earlier than this. In fact, the tiddy little point-and-shoot I was given at about age 10 gave me my first real taste of photographic exploration. That, and growing up with my parents’ slide-shows of Afghanistan and Bangladesh in the 1970s.

And my real foray into photography started when I was 20 and got myself a cheesy little waterproof Minolta APS camera- one of those ones where you could flick a button and the photo went from being Normal to Widescreen to Panoramic. It sounded cool, but in fact it was a horrible gimmick that simply gave instructions to the printer to crop the same negative proportionally- so that a Panoramic image gave the same quality as if you’d taken your regular negative, blown it up, and trimmed off the top and bottom into a wide rectangle…

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