365-332 Some time in the digital darkroom

What I Pic

As my 365 project is winding down I find that I’m wanting to experiment more with image processing. I mean, it is digital, I’m not trying to fool anybody that I’m out there shooting Velvia. With the exception of my textured images, most photos I try to process rather straightforward. Occasionally I’ll veer off the chart when I want a different mood or color cast. I’m usually a little bolder and looser when it comes to black and white conversions but I don’t often mess with color photos too much, sticking mostly with contrast and saturation adjustments. I use Topaz Adjust when I want to enhance details and I’ve been using it way more subtle these days then when I first started using it.

But today I thought I would do some images with different processing to whatever I thought fit the image, regardless of “correct” color. I stopped by…

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