Day 267 – Un-climatized

In Search of Style

This picture shows the kind of weather that I prefer. Warm. In fact, very warm. Mid to high 30s celsius (95-100F). I don’t even mind so much when it touches into the low 40s (104F+). Never really thought I was a  hot weather guy, but over the past 15 months in Central Alberta I’ve learned that I’m apparently not a cold weather guy. That’s a shame considering winter manages to run nearly six months around here. Albertans must be hearty folk!

I’m still working on my winter tolerance. I’m sure it’s going to kick in any day now! I should be better at this whole mind-numbingly-cold-weather thing. I grew up in Northern Ontario where -20c was a pretty regular occurrence in the winter months. I should be bred for winter. Perhaps I was, but I spoiled it by gradually migrating to warmer and warmer climates. I’m now much more a…

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