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Just read another great article at Nassau Weekly. I’ll dedicate the next four blogs for you to read it…

Graffiti, also referred to as street art or guerrila art, depending on an artist’s C.V. and willingness to make money, is not a new phenomenon. Handprints dating back to 3000 BCE have been found on cave walls deep in the jungles of Venezuela. Today’s urban culture, which revolves around burning (def: producing high quality work) and bombing (def: scribbling your name on every wall, train, and B Level Firestone bathroom stall between here and the Canadian border), developed in New York City during the 1960s as part of Hip Hop culture. Over time new styles emerged, such as “wild style,” a kind of writing where distinctions between image and idiom become fuzzy, as well as eye-catching mural work.

Yet street art has suffered a fate similar to that of both auto-erotic…

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