GM’s Bold Self-Interest Ads Don’t Fool Consumers


GM marketers must be extremely concerned about losing Gen Y consumers if the company is willing to run a anti-bike campaign, a bold and blatant act of self-interest. The ad, displayed in the article below, seems to be reministant of cigarette ads of the 1950s — appealing to people’s desire to look “cool” with no regard for their health. What GM seems to have forgotten is that we are now in the 2000s and consumers are much more media savvy and empowered. The campaign has gone viral and GM is feeling the negative backlash.
Read the full article from the Sierra Club below.

GM’s Anti-Bike Ad: Completely Out of Touch

by Ann Mesnikoff, Director of the Sierra Club Green Transportation Campaign
GM was in some hot water after publishing this ad in a college newspaper (that quickly went viral).

With a tag line of…

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