“Clean up” Good News


Mayors Help Our Cities

It is true! Mayors are pushing to provide sanitation and healthier conditions in their cities. From New York City to Oakland.  From Seattle to (fill in the blank) people are being moved out of  ‘their neighborhoods’ while the Clean Up Crews come in and scrub down to the ground. Any moveable object goes into the dumpster except the books.

There will be no burning of the books. Instead they will be rescued, catalogued, and returned to their rightful owners. Will they have to produce a government issued photo I.D. and be fingerprinted when they ask for their property back? What will happen to unapproved literature?

But the most encouraging issue is that when certain conditions happen, the Mayors will issue orders to the police and the city employees to remove citizens (and others?) to protect them from overcrowding, unsanitary conditions, the possibility of getting the flu…

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