Forgotten Gent

If you’re a gearhead, or even a fan of automotive, you have likely seen the press from a number of prominent Auto publications that have each awarded the 2012 Audi A7 2012 Car of the Year honors.

We beg to differ.

The honors bestowed upon Audi for the A7 is simply a case of Audi becoming complacent after riding a wave of success with some of its previous releases in the Audi A8, R8, TT RS, and the Audi A5.  The A7 is bloated and unnecessary.  It lacks thoughtfulness in design, at least in the rear half, where its evident that the Audi design team became lazy.  It’s akin to what happens after excessive drinking, pizza eating and partying.  The Audi team came to work hungover and before you is the outcome.  The hangover was so bad that the chief designer of the A7’s rear didn’t bother to actively collaborate…

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