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Image Borders Filter – NEW in CEP4

Click the link below for the

Index & Guide to the complete set of CEP filters

and here for the Anatomy of a CEP4 Filter


Filter purpose – The Image Borders filter

  • Use the Image Borders filter to add a unique, natural, and random image borders to your photos.
  • This filter uses Nik Software’s proprietary technologies to create image borders that are infinitely variable and yet incredibly organic.
  • Filter first introduced in Silver Efex Pro. CEP4 implementation is the same.
  • The borders are black & white – no color.
  • Several Image Borders filters can be stacked to create a multiple border (covered at end of this article)


Click any image in the post to enlarge & see the details.

Image Borders screen & settings

Original image at left


As shown above, the Image Borders filter has five controls (from…

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