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I entered a couple of poster contests on Creative Allies recently. Both entries are featured by the editors of Creative Allies for their respective contests.
One for hip-hop artist Wale… Link to entry on Creative Allies

And the other for rock band The Kooks… Link to entry on Creative Allies

Although the contests winners are picked by the artist/ band it wont hurt to facebook ‘like’, tweet or comment. Check out the link to my entries above each image … wish me luck 😉

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My friend George at Fourtitude posting that rather nice rendering of a possible 385hp TT-RS GT on his Fourtitude site today.  So is it coming?  A lightened, more focused hardcore TT-RS?  The TT-RS run in the US is definitely 2 years long, as I was told by Audi of America last year—-however I’m starting to think that the 2nd year run may end up being this version, if it exists.

We already got the “Plus” version of the RS in the US this year (360hp vs. 340hp in Europe).


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New photo’s added!